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Everyday Trends


Neutrals are becoming more interesting as soft color is infused into this natural palette. Watch for Khaki, Gray, Blue, Brown and White highlighted with a touch of gold to emerge into a “Seaside Look”

Blue takes two distinct directions. One is with a red tint and the other is with a green tint, hence the growing popularity of teal. But that is not the end of the blue story. Blue may also range from Indigo to Turquoise as the look of a Peacock’s plumage takes center stage on many runways. Additionally, mixes of deep Ocean Blue with White will account for a crisp, clean Nautical look.

Black is an anchor and is gaining as a focal point. We have seen it used in combination with teal blue for a dramatic effect. Black, white and red combinations were highly visible at this year’s European shows. Additionally, black and white are making a return providing looks that are SIMPLE, CHIC, and ELEGANT, as well as EDGY, ROUGH and GRAPHIC

Red is strong in cherry, and claret, and will run the gamut all the way to burgundy. Last year we saw Orange as a highlight color and going forward it will become stronger. Even though orange has become a dominant accent color; it still will not take the place of red!

Green is a mix of mint, citrus, and apple (still strong) hues. We will see them both independently and mixed together. Some will have a yellow cast to them.

Purple-Pinks are part of the limelight as well. Purple has a red cast to it going forward. Pinks will continue, but will take on a more subtle appeal. We will still see pink teamed up with black but it will not be as strong as previously seen.

Individual colors will always make an important statement, but color combinations will prove to be the differentiating factor in the marketplace. We are expecting to see the following combinations highlighted in the coming year:

  • Aqua and Navy Blue
  • Blue and Brown
  • White and Blue (Indigo and Denim)
  • Black and White (with highlights of Red or Hot Pinks)
  • Browns and Oranges (cocoa and Peach)

Additionally, bright color combinations that have been with us for the past few years will continue to be strong. Since Tropical and Citrus trends are coming back in a robust fashion, we will see these colors being used in the same stories.

Last, but certainly not least, there is a “Sherbet Palette” coming into play for next year. Color combinations of Pink, Lavender, Lime, Yellow, Orange and Blue will all have a dusty look to them. They are very calming and easy to coordinate with many arrangements.


- Dots / Stripes / Madras Plaids and touches of Paisley continue to follow us into next year.

CHAINLINK is a fresh approach to dots or circles. It can appear very graphic and also very sophisticated. This is very apropos for our Floral Accessories - you can achieve this look by using our wires and Deco jewelry for Corsage and Wedding work!!!!

STRIPES will become more loosely defined as they take on a wavy look or staggered format.

The hues of a PEACOCK’S PLUMAGE will take up residence in the design arena as well, showing us how to combine contrasting shades for a beautiful look!

CITRUS MOTIFS - yes Lemons, Limes and Tangerines (oranges) will be strong and will keep our bright colors alive and well!

HOT FLORAL MOTIFS consist of Wildflowers, such as poppies and daisies, Tropical Florals, Romantic Small Florals and Asian Inspired Florals

“BLING” will highlight floral arrangements in terms of embellished ribbons, and the actual bouquets and corsages themselves.

Take a run through our catalog of items and colors to see how we can meet your color and design needs this coming season!