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2013 Spring

Radiant Red

  • Classic red always perfect as an accent or focus color.
  • Red, the color of love.
  • The defining shade for Valentine’s Day.
  • Roses
  • Carnation’s
  • Gerberas
  • Tulips
  • Poppies
  • Anthurium
  • Red Ginger
  • Red Purpuria
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Sweet Smile

Favorite Spring mix:
  • Pink & Green
  • The finishing touch to white.
Set the mood-
  • Pale pink:
    • Feminine.
    • Stylish.
    • Beautiful.
  • Hot pink:
    • Bold.
    • Fun loving.
    • Youthful.
Profusion of Flowers:
  • Peonies
  • Roses
  • Orchids
  • Dianthus
  • Hydrangea
  • Carnations
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Primrose
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Gardener’s Eden

  • Spring’s strongest color group.
  • These colorations will take this group toward NEON.
  • Pretty bold colors
  • Upbeat and cheerful Spring-
  • A response to everyday “bad news”.
  • Mix of flower types- no rules.
  • Mono botanical for color pop.
  • Plain glass
  • Enameled watering cans
  • Personalize with a touch of ribbon
  • Patterned gardening boots
  • Fun patterns and bold colors
  • Seed packets.
  • Bold colors of modern gardening tools
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  • The softer side of sunset colorations:
  • Group focus on orange
  • Color of the year- tangerine tango
Home décor focus-
  • Paint
  • Dark wood in brown
  • Popular Purple hues act as a neutral or accent, depending on the shade.
  • Brick red is a better accent for this group than bright.
  • What is fall without a golden shade?
  • Moss green added to blend not pop.
  • Denim Blue – always a strong home decor color.
The Trend forward into Fall:
  • “Modern Romantic Victorian”
  • Traditional Victorian is delicate tones with lace, crochet, animal prints, texture, and antiquity.
  • Modern is slightly boho - incorporating personal style choices.
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Colorblock Rocks Neon

The Trend forward:
  • Bold and bright translates to style.
  • Neon will grab the prom market this season.
  • Sports and fitness.
  • Mondrian Paintings.
  • Geometrics.
  • Gerberas
  • Ranunculus
  • Carnations
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White Hot!

  • Add edge to elegance.
  • Nothing contrasts better than black and white.
  • Shocking Pink.
  • Retro glamour.
  • The movie: The Artist
  • Monochromatic bouquets.
  • Show stoppers
  • Feather accents.
  • Lace accents.
  • Personal Broach accents.
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Pale Painterly

  • Lush pastel flowers.
  • Muted elegance.
  • Flattering and feminine.
  • Airy and layered with an emphasis on tulle.
  • Encompasses the pale colors that are bridal & formal.
  • Rose
  • Peonies
  • Rose Gold.

New DFS color Rosewater is at the front of this trend.

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Echo Nature’s Bounty

Organic Containers:
  • Birch Bark
  • Ti leaves
  • Animal Prints
  • Economical use of surface wraps tied in place with Wraphia®.
  • Strips to form realistic grass loops.
  • Spring- Citrus slices.
Unadorned Design
  • Pottery Barn taste level
  • Minimal Accessorizing
  • Faded stone colorations
  • Ornamental Grasses
  • Bulb with blooms
  • Twigs and bark
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  • Not limited to flag imagery
  • Reclaim our roots & embrace authenticity
  • Modern yet Retro feel of the American farmland.
  • Well loved fabrics
  • Casual and comforting- Easy
  • Personal choice & Clean colors
  • Wildflower bunches informally gathered.
  • Combine flowers, fruits and vegetables.
  • Galvanized pails and buckets, slightly rusted metals, enameled pitchers. Mason jars.
  • Crates echoing weathered barn wood
  • Classic favorites - Favorite plaid, ditzy floral, faded denim, burlap texture
  • European interpretation:
  • Eastern Europe fabrics and trims- cottons, lace edges, braid.
  • References to worn horse blankets.
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